You have got to agree that the best job in the world would be one where you can;

  1. Work for yourself
  2. Be your own Boss
  3. Set your own hours
  4. Live the lifestyle of your dreams
  5. Earn what you are worth
Earn a global income

Start your own Home Business
Opportunity where:

PART-TIME - you have potential to earn a good income around your existing schedule
you have the potential to earn a FULL-TIME income following a step by step system.

Read our stories below for encouragement.

Every person reaches a turning point in his or her lives.

A time when they have made a clear, specific decision that they need to make a change.
Some people make that decision at 18; others make it at 60.
And some people sadly might never make it at all.

We provide part or full time opportunities for people with varied backgrounds, and we work in and combine a number of industries in our support - including education, training, online work, logistics, health and wellness, client care and small at home business development.

We are the DreamWork team, headed up by Nico & Annalie van Staden.

The potential and level playing field excites us!

We live and work on the subtropical South African east coast, 3 minutes from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Nico had a career in the computer industry for 18 years. This meant huge challenges and satisfaction, but also long hours away from home. This was brought to breaking point during multiple company mergers, when 25 top engineers were retrenched around him.

Annalie comes from a financial background but never experienced the growth and freedom she could have from working at home.

We worked 18 years in our previous careers to earn R30 000 per month, while with this new company we surpassed that within 3 years. We also created business investments worth more than R2.0 million. By now we have travelled abroad several times, and we can clearly see the road to financial independence!

We look forward to sharing our success and show you how.

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Sipho and Alice Mohaule.
I was a second hand car salesman and my wife was working as a clerk with a salary of less than R2,000 monthly. When sales were slow, I started ‘part-time’ to supplement my income. This bought in between R3,000 and R6,000 extra a month.
Then I decided to go FULL TIME and really focused on building my business as shown to me by the successful people. My income doubled and then doubled again.

Elaine, Christo, Antoinette, & Chantelle Watkins
Started part-time and in my first month I made R6000 profit & then went full-time. Our daughters - Chantelle & Elaine, saw the potential and were soon earning between R5000 and R7500 pm . With more application, our income went up to R15000 . We have moved into a brand new house and have just bought our 2nd car. Our income is R25,000 and growing.
What others say about us....

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We all start the same way so take the first step.

• Tap into huge, expanding global markets working online!
• Your income is determined by your time and your effort.

We are here to help you succeed!

• We provide the experience and training.
• You will not have to answer to a boss and you will make your own decisions.

Exciting times – success could be just around the corner. Find out more now.



Your income is determined by your time
and your effort so go about securing
with a source of constantly growing income.

Opportunities are never lost;
they simply go to
someone else!

Don't get caught daydreaming
and retire broke.




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